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Hair Creambath

Hair spa is a nourishing rejuvenating hair treatment using suitable product for giving nutrition, healthy hair & strengthening your hair. Begins with hair shampoo, scalp massage using cream bath, the hair then wrapped in a steam to optimize absorption while the therapist massage the neck & shoulder. After that, hair nourishing conditioner applied to nourish your hair. Your hair will be dried and hair vitamin applied.

60  minutes   Rp 563k 345k

Aromatic Ear Candle

Improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. As you lie comfortably on your side on the treatment couch, the cone is lit and the heat produced creates a chimney effect which helps to draw out your excess ear wax and other debris which may be present in the ear canal. Ear candle is effective for sinus, insomnia, headache, sore throat, stress & relaxing.

30 minutes  Rp 288k 113k

Fresh Fruit Facial

Using blends of naturals products & fresh fruit suitable for the type of skin.

Choices of fresh fruits :
Strawberry : Anti-aging & detoxifying (for normal & sensitive skin)
Avocado : Purifying & moisturizing (for dry & dehydrated skin)
Lemon & Papaya : Firming (For oil skin)

60  minutes   Rp 644k 426k

Natural Face Spa

A refreshing & all natural treatment using nature’s best ingredients. The face spa begins with face cleansing, followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove the skin cell. Through the face massage using olive oil refresh the skin, then face mask is applied to tighten the skin. Moisturizer day cream with UV protection will completed this treatment.


60 minutes  Rp 563k 403k

Foot Reflexology

A deep tissue massages on foot & leg to improve blood circulation & alleviates muscle fatigue & tension. This treatment include head, neck & shoulder massage for 90 Minutes treatment

90 minutes   Rp 504k 322k 

Kids Massage (6-10 Years)

A gentle gliding stroke is applied to the body with choice of essential oil to loosen muscle. Touch is the first sense to develop in humans. It is essential to health and well-being.

90 minutes Rp656k 357k

Balinese Aromatherapy Massage(Full Body Massage)

Enjoy the touch of our well trained therapist with any kind of essential Aromatherapy oil for soothing your mind, the active molecules of essential oils already blended with a carrier oil, thoroughly the massage penetrate the blood stream & soothe the central nervous system, pain reliefs, bring a sense of well-being, rebalance & reduce stress, calm and deep relaxation. 

90 minutes   Rp 759k 455k

Acupressure Massage (No Oil)

A no oil massage use finger & palm pressure which effective for blood circulation & release body tension.

90 Minutes  759k 455k

Acupressure + Herbal Therapy

Feel the sensation of the heat herbs pack from our kitchen which are used herbs like ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon, ginger root, clove bud, etc combine with finger massage (no oil). It is useful for relief of sore muscles and tired joints, toning mature skin, boosting circulation & good for slimming.

90  minutes   Rp 840k 541k 

Hot Rattan Massage

An Exotic set of beautifully crafted rattan tools from Borneo Island is designed to work on various parts of the body. Combine with aromatic oil, help ease the tired muscles, improve blood circulation & in natural way, stimulate antibody production. The application of the rattan melts away the tensions of the body while at the same time creating a deeply relaxing & soothing. It’s important to combat cellulite & reshape the silhouette. Rattan massage is an answer to whom want deep pressure massage.

90 minutes  Rp 840k 541k 

Aloe Vera Massage

Aloe Vera – known since ancient times as a natural herb for skin care, Aloe Vera range of benefits have been research by experts, worked to detox a gloomy skin, make your skin softer, cleaner, healthier, radiant and youthful. Aloe Vera also been proven to heal burns, scaly skin and remove redness due to solar heat enjoy our latest massage treatment “Aromatic Aloe Vera Massage”

90 minutes    Rp 840k 541k

Pregnancy Massage until 7 Months

A compatible massage to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility during your pregnancy (3-7month). Full body massage accomplished by using a lying – side position is accomplished with cushions / pillow. Nusa Bali Spa pregnancy massage is a gentle massage technique with Bergamot oil massage to protect your pregnancy.

90 minutes Rp840k 541k

Warm Stone Massage

Used the volcanic stone Rich of  mineral come from volcano Mt. Agung  3.142m last erupted in 1963, enjoy our new technique massage combine with essential oil. Stone massage can be extremely effective in relaxing both, body and mind, flushed away irritating toxins, release the mention and pain.

90  minutes   Rp 840k 541k

Abhyanga Massage (Warm Oil Massage)

Abhyanga or warm-oil massage is a soothing treatment for health, prevent and cure diseases, slows down aging, improve sleep circle, overcome fatigues, relieves stress, boosts immune system.

90  minutes  Rp840k 541k 

Ayurveda Shirodhara

A traditional Indian Ayurvedic treatment to create self-awareness & serenity. Begins with foot, neck & head massage during which particular attention is given to the Marma, or energy points located on the scalp. Then warm medicated oils is poured continually down over your third eye in the center of forehead to bring peace & clarity to mind, body & spirit. Shirodara is recommended for those with chronic headaches, insomnia, stress & tension.

120  minutes   Rp 1.380k 886k  

Four Hands Massage

Immerse yourself in the ultimate body massage experience with selected aromatic massage oil. Four hands massage is a synchronicity massage where two superbly trained therapists simultaneously guide their hands to facilitate the harmonizing of energies, relief stress and melt away your tension.

90  minutes   Rp1.007k 713k 

Fruity Body Spa

The treatment begins with foot bath ritual, using sea salt to cleansing & relaxing the foot. A shooting body massage will come next to release body tension & stress, then the body will exfoliate with choice of fruit body scrub. Fruit scrubs are very good for exfoliate and moisturize at the same time, it helps for good blood circulation and removal of dead dry skin cells from the dermal layer. The skin is soft to touch and the shine is evident to the eye. Fruits rich in vitamins are nicely blended to bring in the radiance in the skin. It helps in brightening the skin color and tone which makes a person look fresh and the skin looks supple. The treatment will finished with shower for 90 minutes and bubble bath for 120 minutes

Choice of Body Scrub

Avocado : Moisturizing (for dry skin)
Strawberry : Anti-Aging & detoxifying (for sensitive skin)
Lemon & Papaya : Firming (for oily skin)

90  minutes    Rp 1.093k 771k

Balinese Ritual Body Spa

Rejuvenate yourself with advantages of Indonesian beauty essential herbs.  Balinese lulur spa is used to cleanse, soften, nourishing and purify the skin. Begins with foot bath sea salt followed by body massage using Aromatheraphy oil which is good for sore muscle, Stress Relief, then the gentle scrubbing performed to remove dead or rough skin cells, restore & condition the skin. The treatment will finished with shower for 90 minutes and bubble bath for 120 minutes

Choice of Body Scrub

Balinese Green Tea  : Soften & brighten the skin

Coffee           : Detoxifying& exfoliate the skin

Cinnamon                     : remove the impurities

90  minutes   Rp1.007k 690k

Chocolate Body Spa

Enjoy the luxury –comfortable feeling by pouring the chocolate to the whole body. As a producer cocoa no.3 in the world, we offer the best chocolate quality for your skin treatment. High anti- oxidant and rich vitamin for prevent aging, the Glyseride from the chocolate, moisture & tighten the skin. Body treatment using chocolate makes the skin look younger, fresh and shiny. The treatment begins with foot bath sea salt followed by a shooting body massage using chocolate oil will relaxing body & mind. Continued with chocolate body scrub, wrap the body to polish & tighten the skin. The treatment will finished with shower for 90 minutes and bubble bath for 120 minutes

90  minutes  Rp1.007k 690k 

Grape Red Wine Spa

From North Bali to our Spa kitchen, Singaraja’s red grape become a very luxury blend or our Grape Red Wine Spa treatment. Begin with sea salt foot bath followed by a shooting body massage using grape seed oil can be effective in relaxing body & mind then blended of grape seed & red wine body scrub to remove dead skin. The treatment will finished with shower for 90 minutes and bubble bath for 120 minutes

90  minutes    Rp 1.265k  886k 

Ocean Seaweed Body Spa

All life began in the mineral rich water of our oceans. Seaweeds draw from the sea an incomparable wealth of mineral elements, macro-elements, vitamin and trace elements. Nusa Penida island located southeast coast of Bali is flourishing & well established seaweeds farming industry, make us can bring the seaweeds into our Spa kitchen. As we know, seaweed improves the suppleness and the elasticity of the skin, acts as an anti-aging and anti-cellulite agent. It detoxified, tones and cleanses the skin also can stimulate the renewal of damaged skin cell, moisturizes and smoothens the skin. The treatment will finished with shower for 90 minutes and bubble bath for 120 minutes

90 minutes  Rp 1.093k 771k


2 Hours Tropical Fruit Spa

10 minutes Foot Bath

80 minutes Balinese Signature Massage
Balinese massage with aromatherapy essential oil for complete rejuvenation

30 minutes Tropical Fruit Bath & Shower
Pamper yourself with the sensuous of tropical fruits in our ensuite bath.

2 hours   Rp 1.553k 748k

2,5 Hours Male Spa

60 minutes Aromatherapy Massage
Balinese massage with aromatherapy essential oil for complete rejuvenation

30 minutes Scrub & Shower
Exfoliate your skin for the new you.

60 minutes Facial For Man

2,5 hours   Rp 1.708k 840k

2.5 Hours Honeymoon Package

10 minutes Foot Bath

70 minutes Aromatherapy Massage With Essential Oil

 15 minutes Lulur Body Scrub (Choice of Body Scrub: Coffee or Cinnamon)

15 minutes Chocolate Body Mask

40 minutes Tropical Bath+ Shower

This package price for 2 person include complimentary 1 bottle Red Wine Cape Discovery Carbernet Merlot 375 ml serve while tropical Bath

                                                                2.5 hours  Rp 3.450k 1.840k / 2 Person

2,5 Hours Anti Aging

75 minutes  Warm Stone Massage or Balinese Massage or Acupressure Massage

20 minutes Scrub

15 minutes Bubble Bath

40 minutes Foot Reflexology

2,5 hours   Rp 1.708k 840k

2 Hours 45 Minutes Happy Ayurvedic

10 minutes Foot Bath

80 minutes Abhyangga Massage or Hot Rattan 

15 minutes Shirodara

60 minutes Hair Spa

2 hours 45 minutes  Rp 1.957k 909k

2,5 Hours Bali Twin Girl

10 minutes Foot Bath

80 minutes Four Hand Massage

60 minutes Foot Reflexology or Hair Spa


2,5 hours   Rp 1.957k 909k

2 Hours Cozy Refresh

10 minutes Foot Bath

80 minutes Warm Stone Massage

30 minutes Choice of Javanese Body Scrub or Coffee or Cinnamon + Shower

2 hours   Rp 1.553k 771k

2,5 Hours Sun Healing Ritual

60 minutes Aloevera Massage

30 minutes Yoghurt Body Balm & Shower
Exfoliate your skin for the new you.

60 minutes  Face Spa or Hair Spa or Foot Reflexology 

2,5 hours   Rp 1.708k 840k

3 Hours Massage Lover

10 minutes Foot Bath

110 minutes Acupressure Massage or Balinese Massage

60 minutes Hair Spa or Foot Reflexology

3 hours   Rp 1.708k 840k

3 Hours Indonesia Ritual

10 minutes Foot Bath

60 minutes Balinese Massage With Essential Oil

20 minutes Javanese Body Scrub

15 Minutes Green Tea Body Mask

15 Minutes Bubble Bath

60 minutes  Face Spa or Hair Spa 


3 hours    Rp 1.957k 909k





5 Hours Spa Festival

10 minutes Foot Bath

80 minutes Warm Stone Massage

15 minutes Shirodara

20 minutes aromatic body scrub

15 minutes Fresh Tropical Bath

60 minutes seaweed face spa

60 minutes Hair Spa

40 minutes Foot reflexology

Include Complimentary Lunch


Dinner Of  Indonesian Chicken Fried Rice or Chicken Fried Noodle


5 hours   Rp 3.450k 1.840k